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Rodent, Pigeon & Pest Waste Cleanup  |  Steri-Clean North Carolina
Steri-Clean Is The Industry Leader In Rodent, Pigeon & Pest Waste Cleanup

Do I Need Professional Rodent Dropping Cleanup?

Rodent droppings come in all shapes and sizes, and odors! They can be very dangerous to your home and health. Rodent droppings carry many diseases that can be deadly to your loved ones and pets. These droppings can cause structural damage to your home if not cleaned properly. 


Steri-Clean offers judgment-free, professional rodent-dropping cleanup tailored to fit any situation. Whether you have mice in your crawlspace, squirrels in the attic or a rat infestation due to a leaking washing machine, no rodent dropping cleanup is too small or large for Steri-Clean. Each rodent dropping cleanup is different and we will customize an estimate to fit
your needs.


Rodents enter your space for a reason, usually in search of food, water, or shelter. Unfortunately, these critters leave behind a large amount of urine and droppings. This helps them in finding their way back “home.” These are sneaky nocturnal animals, and often not seen. The most common way someone finds out about a rodent infestation is by noticing the droppings.


Do Exterminators Cleanup Pigeon Droppings? 

Exterminators typically don’t clean up the droppings after exterminating, and that’s where Steri-Clean comes in with rodent dropping cleanup. We can service any area of your home or commercial building, including crawlspaces and attics. Steri-Clean specializes in cleaning and thoroughly disinfecting affected areas to give you peace of mind that you’re in a safe environment. Pets can become sick if they ingest rodent droppings as well. 


What Is The Pigeon Droppings Cleanup Process? 

We utilize EPA registered, hospital-grade disinfectants to disinfect your home or office. Each cleanup is different and is tailored to your needs. A HEPA vacuum is used to remove obvious droppings. The HEPA vacuum is different from a normal vacuum as they contain special filters that can trap micron-sized particles to ensure proper cleanliness. 


We will work with you to make this process as easy as possible. These creatures can easily find their way into your space and leave dangers behind. The technicians at Steri-Clean will make sure you are left with a safe and healthy environment, removing all droppings and carcasses. 


A rodent’s scent can remain in the area even after extermination, which could cause them to return. After all, they see it as their house as well! Our EPA registered, hospital-grade disinfectants and proven strategy will give you peace of mind. Your family’s safety is our number one priority, including your welcomed furry friends. Never try to fix the problem yourself, let the rodent-dropping cleanup professionals at Steri-Clean do it for you. 

Pigeon Dropping Cleanup in North Carolina

Pigeon droppings carry diseases that are transferrable to humans and animals. Some of these diseases cause serious respiratory issues and can be lethal. Pigeons tend to nest in enclosed areas, like attics and warehouse bays. They like to feel “safe.” Steri-Clean North Carolina offers pigeon dropping cleanup to homes, businesses, and industrial buildings. 


Pigeon droppings have a “stringy” texture and are an eyesore. Not only are they aesthetically unappealing, but they can also carry Histoplasmosis. This can be contracted by simply breathing in the affected air around you. This puts your family, employees, and pets in danger. It also leaves you with a huge liability as a business owner. Steri-Clean highly recommends having a professional like us conduct pigeon dropping cleanup. 


If you notice pigeon droppings in your home or business, don’t try to clean them up yourself. The risk is not worth the reward! We advise staying out of the area as much as possible. Steri-Clean technicians always use Personal Protective Equipment in the presence of pigeon droppings and even bat guano. We use EPA registered, hospital-grade disinfectants in every pigeon dropping cleanup to ensure disinfection. 



Safe and Affordable Pigeon Dropping Cleanup in North Carolina

Your safety is our number one priority. Never try to fix the problem yourself, let the professionals do it for you. 

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