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Homeless Encampment Cleanup  |  Steri-Clean North Carolina
Steri-Clean Is The Industry Leader In Homeless Encampment Cleanup

Over half a million Americans go homeless every night in the United States. About 35% of these people (just under 200,000) are sleeping unsheltered in places not intended for human habitation. This number is rising at a tremendous rate. Homeless encampments may not seem like a big issue, but there are more common than you would think.


Aside from the obvious dangers to the individuals living there, these homeless encampments present many issues to the general public. With no electricity or running water, there are a variety of biohazards present. These range from human and animal waste, diseases, and possibly drug and drug paraphernalia. Not to forget the tents and structures built on the property.


Steri-Clean North Carolina has encountered many biohazard risks while conducting homeless encampment cleanup. Imagine a life without electricity, running water, or plumbing. The biohazard possibilities are endless.


Not only do these encampments pose a danger to the public, but they also put the liability on the owner of the property. Steri-Clean North Carolina offers homeless encampment cleanup to remove trash, living spaces, biohazards, and drug-related paraphernalia. Our homeless encampment cleanup is an all-inclusive service that we offer, and will work with your government agency office, property management company, business, or private sector every step of the way to restore the property to a safe and healthy place. 

Trash and Biohazard Cleanup Services

The most noticeable part of a homeless encampment is the trash. Without trash service, there is nowhere for the waste to go. While this is an eye-sore, what’s just as important is what isn’t visible at the first look. We will deconstruct and remove any structure built, including tents and tarps.


There are several potential biohazards at these camps. There may be exposure to human waste, blood, bodily fluids, drugs, needles, and syringes. Steri-Clean technicians are trained in biohazard cleanup and can point out hazards that your normal waste removal service may not notice. Safety is our number one goal, for us and the general public.


Human waste and bodily fluid exposure can be extremely dangerous to you as the property owner, the uninvited tenants, or the general public. Waste can harbor many diseases and viruses, not to mention a pungent odor.


Rodents are often present as the feed on the trash left behind. This can cause an infestation issue, inside or outside. Once these animals realize this is their food source, they will stay until it’s not anymore. These can be squirrels, raccoons, and even rats.

Syringes and drug paraphernalia are usually not biodegradable. These can pose an enormous issue. To the naked eye, these are usually missed. Steri-Clean is familiar with these risks and keeps an eye out to ensure every biohazardous possibility is removed.


Typical homeless encampment cleanups are in parks, underpasses, abandoned buildings, and in wooded areas. No building or area size is too small or large for us to handle. We can accommodate your needs, whether we need special motorized equipment to travel through 20+ acres of wetlands or to clear out your 20,000 sq. ft. industrial building. We will remove all waste and biohazards to ensure your location is brought back to its original state. 


Steri-Clean North Carolina always remembers the human element in every homeless encampment cleanup. We realize these are human beings with belongings, and they see this as their home, legal or not. We do our best to communicate with all parties and post signs to acknowledge when we will be cleaning. We don’t want to cause any further trauma to these individuals. We understand there are many circumstances that led to them being in this predicament and can offer resources to get them back on their feet as well.


Steri-Clean is here for you 24/7 for your homeless encampment cleanup needs. Whether you are a government employee, park ranger, or business owner we are here to help. Our goal is to complete these cleanups safely and humanely. 


Our 24/7 national phone number is 1-888-577-7206.

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